The Feel Deal Heal Affirmations Deck


The FEEL DEAL HEAL Affirmations Deck is finally here!

The gift of mental health and support is invaluable! As a Licensed Clinical Therapist on a mission, I am stoked to have created this 52 affirmations card deck as a perfect tool for you and your loved ones.

Self-talk has the power to rewire our brains. With effort, repetition, and consistency; you can SPEAK kindly, FEEL empowered, SHOW self-love, CHANGE your brain, and OWN your mental wellness.

It’s 2020 and I wanted to make sure that you have the perfect gift for you and your loved ones. 2020 means we gotta meet our stressors with equal mental health coping skills and tools; and this is how we do it. This is big, y’all.

  • As a mom, I love seeing my 3-year-old play with this affirmations deck and repeat them after me.

  • As a wife, I love surprising my partner with affirmations cards in their car, on their nightstand, and mirror.

  • As a therapist, my clients verbalize and speak the mental health messages and SEE real changes.

  • As a woman dedicated to mental health, I make the cards part of my self-care routine to keep my self-talk on point.

  • As a friend and sister, I give cards and decks to show I love my people.

This affirmations deck is for everyone:
Kids, Teens, Adults, Friends, Parents, Partners, Clients, Colleagues, Coworkers, Neighbors, Strangers, People struggling, People thriving, & People needing love!

It’s gonna take us all to change this mental health game. FEEL, DEAL, HEAL - one card at a time